About Us

Institute for Integrated Programmes and Research in Basic Sciences (IIRBS), has been instituted directly under Mahatma Gandhi University in 2008. The Institute aimed to provide intellectual, instrumental as well as experimental support for pursuing excellence in basic science branches and is expected to contribute to the talent pool of researchers and specialized technicians. The Institute launched a Five year Integrated Interdisciplinary Master of Science programme in the year 2009 for the students who completed their plus 2 with sciences and mathematics. The institute has in-house facilities of the sophisticated equipments to undertake research in Basic Science.

Prof (Dr.) I. Ibnusaud (School of Chemical Sciences) is the Founder Director and Dr. S. Anas (School of Chemical Sciences) is the present Honorary Director.Dr. P. R. Biju (School of Pure and Applied Physics) and Dr.R.Harikumaran Nair (School of Biosciences) are joint directors.

IIRBS Executive Committee

(constituted vide UO. 1886/AD A 7/2020/MGU dated 29.04.2020)

  1. Vice-Chancellor(Chairman),Mahatma Gandhi University
  2. Adv.M Anilkumar (Member syndicate)
  3. Prof.(Dr.)K. Jayachandran (Professor, School of Biosciences)
  4. Dr. K. V. Radhakrishnan (Senior Principal Scientist,NIIST(CSIR),Thiruvananthapuram)
  5. Registrar
  6. Finance Officer
  7. Honorary Director, IIRBS (Convener)

Institute Programme Advisory Committee (IPAC)

(constituted vide UO. 3004/AD A 7/2020/MGU dated 03.07.2020)

  1. Dr.S. Anas (Honorary Director, IIRBS)
  2. Dr. P. R. Biju (Joint Director, IIRBS)
  3. Prof.(Dr.)R. Harikumaran Nair(Joint Director, IIRBS)
  4. Prof.(Dr.)K. Jayachandran, Professor (School of Biosciences)
  5. Prof.(Dr.)G. Anilkumar, Professor(School of Chemical Sciences)
  6. Dr.Cyriac Joseph, Associate Professor(School of Pure and Applied Physics)
  7. Dr.K. B. Subila, Assistant Professor(School of Chemical Sciences)