List of Minor/other equipments:

Sl.No. Instrument Make
1 Melting Point Apparatus Stuart Model: SMP30
2 Hot Air Oven Beston,Technico
3 Vacuum Oven Technico
4 Electronic Balance Sartorius, Shimadzu
5 AutoClave Technico
6 Incubator Technico
7 Sonicator Sun Scientific Services
8 Ordinary Microscope Labomed
9 Spectrometer BrandSH
10 Mechanical Balance Docbel Braun
11 Digital PH Meter Sun Scientific services
12 Water Distillation Unit Technico Lab
13 Water Purification system Thermofisher
14 Water cooler with RO N/A
15 Laminar Air Flow Clear Air systems
16 Rotary Shaker Technico
17 Microwave Digester Thermo scientific
18 Ice Machine N/A
19 Oxygen Meter Hemaki Lab